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Welcome to Shelter Medicine at Iowa State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. We are now in our fifth phase of funding with Maddie's Fund®. Education is a powerful tool; in response to our courses in animal shelter medicine, we continue to see a change in attitudes towards the adoption guarantee philosophy and an increase in respect for the opinions of others among our veterinary students. Veterinary students at Iowa State University are engaged with shelter medicine! This engagement is best shown by the career choices and activities of our students once they leave veterinary school. This level of involvement by our students would not have happened without Maddie's® support. The continued support has our students looking toward the future at opportunities that they hope will be available to enrich their education in shelter medicine, such as shelter medicine directed internships and residencies.

We are most proud of our latest tool for shelter medicine. Iowa State University's College of Veterinary Medicine Center for Food Security and Public Health has completed an on-line biologic risk management resource, Maddie's® Animal Shelter Infection Control Tool. This online assessment tool takes animal shelter personnel through a survey of animal husbandry, animal health, disinfection and sanitation, facility and environment, emergency management and training, and public health; and then evaluates the shelter's practices and procedures. If the shelter is not up to "best practice" standards, text, pictures and video links show them how to get there.

Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Course, Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Teaching and Research Program, Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Extern Program, and Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Summer Scholars Program and Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Excellence Award are all integral to the curriculum. The Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Course is the key component of this impact on students and we look forward to the next semester. Our student Externs have learned an enormous amount from their externship experiences and have been great ambassadors for Iowa State University and the Summer Scholars program is very popular with six students participating in the summer of 2011. Read more about our 2011 Summer Scholars. Our partner community shelters are looking forward to the new knowledge that these projects bring. We are delighted with our 2011 Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Excellence Award recipients and graduates who are helping their communities and animal shelters.

Engagement with the sheltering community continues to strengthen our Maddie's® Program as well. We see more doors opening for our students and more learning going on for all involved. We look forward to expanding our Senior Student- Shelter Medicine clinical component at our local shelters. We are also looking toward internship and residency training at Iowa State University in the future. The dialogue with our community shelters continues about the pros and cons of the adoption guarantee philosophy. As we all know, there are some who choose not to participate in that dialogue and this is most unfortunate. There is also much more interest in learning how to keep our shelter animals well, medically and behaviorally. Our goal is to keep the engagement and discussions alive and keep the focus on a home for every healthy, manageable and treatable companion animal.

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